Best Pop Up Examples

So you've decided to install a WordPress pop up on your website… but maybe you're stumped because all of the pop up examples you've screen across the web look kind of generic.


Well you've come to the right corner of the internet, because in this post we'll be looking at the best pop up examples from creative PopupAlly Pro users.

You'll notice that each of these pop ups are unique, fresh, and totally on brand.

In my humble opinion, if your lightbox popup doesn't mesh with your site's design and brand… then it's going to rub your readers the wrong way, and that's when you get into that “annoying popup territory”. Not cool!

You'll find examples of simple and to the point pop ups that just work. You'll also see how creative entrepreneurs and business owners are using pop ups to grow their email lists in a polite way.

Find out how even these non-developers are creating totally customized opt-in pop up boxes that feel totally aligned, and get more people on their email lists.

Best Pop Up Examples Using the Free Version of PopupAlly

Renegade planner

This clear popup from Renegade Planner is the perfect example of a lightbox pop-up that speaks to what the reader might be looking for.

The graphical logo matches the opt-in button, and there's clear marketing copy with a strong call to action.

Overall, it looks classy, it gets straight to the point, and most of all… it converts. Plus, you can have a similar popup using the free WordPress PopupAlly plugin here.

Best Example Of a Pop Up Survey

Luisa Zhou

The pop up survey is extremely effective to check the pulse of your visitors… before you ask them to join your list. If you're trying to get more clients, then this question is a totally pertinent one from Luisa Zhou.

This type of “2 step” opt-in is a great way to filter people out to the right auto responder series. It's up to you if you want to take people to another opt-in page, or use a second opt-in popup as the follow up.

This is truly a polite popup!

Beautifully Branded Pop Up Example

Denise duffield

The gorgeous Denise from uses a great image of herself, and the opt-in is also nicely lined up with a great headline.

You can tell that this is a custom designed pop up (courtesy of PopupAlly Pro) that's beautifully branded. The colors, background image, and strong call to action button all work together to create one of the best pop up examples out there for female entrepreneurs.

Exit Intent Pop Up Example


I was pleasantly surprised when I was about to leave the Betty Means Business website. Not only did this gorgeous exit intent pop up thank me for visiting, but it offered a targeted opt-in offer…

The graphics for the opt-in are top notch, and the mini testimonials built into the pop up design are a great example of a nice way to thank people for visiting your website. And getting them to join your list, too!

Funny & Effective Pop Up Example

Boo launch monsters

Who doesn't love a cute/scary launch monster? Farideh does a great job of making light of this pop up…

It jumps out at you when you visit her website, but it also gives you the context, and more information about what you'll get when you join her list. The headline colors match the website's branding colors and Farideh's lips and shirt. Totally on brand!

Friendly Pop Up Example

Gwen Elizabeth Brown hello friend

We just saw a “spooky pop up example” and now we're taking a look at a more feminine and friendly pop-up. Gwen Elizabeth Brown uses PopupAlly Pro for this adorable opt-in, and for the sidebar opt-in that you can side in the left hand sidebar, too.

Both of these opt-in examples are perfectly branded, and have that personalized hand-drawn feel to them that makes them stand out.

Good Pop Up Example For A Fun Website

Teacher tricks

The folks at Curiosity Pack have a knack for design… they made their website super attractive for parents of little ones, and their pop-up form is no exception.

It's a simple lightbox popup on WordPress, but you can immediately visualize what the opt-in gift will look like after you download it. Plus, it's cool that it floats off the corner of the pop up, because it catches your eye and makes you want to join the list!

Got More Pop Up Examples To Share?

These were just some of the best pop up examples we found on our first pass through our PopupAlly users' websites and membership sites.

We know that there are new creative pop up designs being implemented on PopupAlly every day… so please leave a comment below and let us know if your site has a great pop up example on it! We might just feature you in a future post.


  1. connie curtis on March 12, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    I have looking at a pop up.. I sometimes hate them on other sites.. I am looking at how to build my email list. Focusing on getting clients is my main focus.. is the free version hard to install or customize?

    • Delia @ Happy Blogger Plaza on March 17, 2015 at 8:18 am

      Hi Connie, we got the premium (PopupAlly Pro) plugin on our site, but I can tell you that it’s very easy to install and configure, and you can create pretty pop-ups, even with the free plugin. So if I were you, I’d definitely give it a try!

  2. Delia @ Happy Blogger Plaza on March 13, 2015 at 9:14 am

    Thanks for this opportunity! We love PopupAlly Pro and have been using it for about a month now with great sign-up results for our Blog Traffic Challenge! We have both a delay pop-up and an exit intent popup. You can check it out on our website :)