The Polite Way To Get More High-Quality Leads

high-quality leads

You've heard it before: there are tons of ways to get high-quality leads… if you're willing to pay a ton for them, or be obnoxiously loud. But it doesn't have to be that way!

In the ever-expanding world of online businesses and blogs it’s becoming more difficult to convert your website visitors to subscribers.

The sad reality is that most people who stumble upon your website are unlikely to return, unless you are able to capture their name and email and provide them with a great user experience. leaving them desperate to come back for more. (more…)

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How To Create An Opt-in That Spreads Like Wildfire

How to create an opt-in

You know it's time to create an amazing lead magnet… and in this post you'll learn how to create an opt-in gift that gets shared and pulls in subscribers, fast!

Building an engaged email list is high on most savvy business owner’s priorities, because email is the one platform that is unlikely to shift.

Twitter might become too glutted with messages to be effective, Facebook might enforce stricter publishing guidelines, and Pinterest might be taken over by a new social media platform.

Only one mode of communication with your ideal prospects remains steadfast in the face of a changing social media landscape: email.

That being said, leveraging the power of word of mouth marketing through social media is one of the best ways to grow your email list. The trick is to design an opt-in offer that is built to be shared on social media. And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do today!

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List Building: 10 Ways To Make It Work For Your Business


There’s a lot of hype associated with list building and a lot of pressure on having your email list consist of at least “x” number of subscribers as you prepare to share your offerings in the digital world of online businesses…

But one of the most common questions I get asked is, “Why?”

List building can be time consuming, but if you put in the effort, I have complete faith that you’ll be reaping the rewards in no time.

Today we’re going to look at 10 reasons that will nudge you to take action and get your list growing, because what’s in it for you is going to make you a happy business owner. I promise.


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Freelancers Email List? Why You Need One And How To Set It Up

freelancers email list

Congrats on hanging your shingle as a freelancer. Now if you don't have a freelancers email list yet… keep reading, because this might make the difference during unforseen lean times!

Most businesses these days are learning the importance of having an email list.

An email list allows a business to regularly communicate with the people that have expressed interest in their products or services, and create content specifically for them that converts like crazy.

Seriously, email converts up to 40x better than social media.

Freelancers should take advantage of this powerful tool for marketing their business and getting more clients.

Creating consistent income has always been a challenge for freelancers. With an email list, a freelancer can attract an audience, get more referrals, and earn more repeat business to get off of that income rollercoaster.

Here are 4 reasons you need a freelancers email list:

freelancers email list

The 7 Touch Rule

Did you know that on average a person requires 7 interactions with a business or brand before making a purchase?

The chances of someone coming back to your website 7 times on their own is pretty slim, so you need to do some prompting. Social media is great for this, but email is another tool you should have in your belt to increase your number of touchpoints.

Better yet – you can create a nurture sequence through email to create those interactions and move prospects through the sales process even faster. It's like having a sales person on your team that you don't have to pay!

Automating this within your email newsletter program will save you loads of time in the future.

If you're thinking “But I need to talk to prospects on the phone to close the sale” you can use your nurture sequence to set up 15-minute consultation calls. Or you can direct people to your blog or social media channels so they can get more great content from you.

You're in complete control of how you set up your email newsletter and nurture sequence, so you have the flexibility to create interactions with your audience that work to convert more people into clients.

Create Promotions During Slow Periods

We all know there are peaks and valleys in freelancing.

During the slower times, you can use your email list to drum up new business. After all, everyone on your email list has said that they like what you do by giving you their email address.

Freelancers can create special offers for their list to get new clients. A few ideas to try:

  • Announce that you have a few openings for work this month and prompt people to apply for one of the coveted spots
  • Create a VIP discount for your list as a thank you that they can apply to work for a limited time
  • Offer a Bonus Bundle by adding something extra to the package such as an extra hour of coaching, an ebook that you've written, or extra graphics designed for their social media channels.

Get creative with offers you make to your list! Sending a note about a limited time bonus offer or promotion will light a fire under people to hit buy right away.

Survey Your Audience To Get Feedback

The key to good marketing is understanding your audience. With an email list, you've got a direct line to finding out who your people are without doing any expensive market research.

You can periodically send a survey or ask for replies to a particular question for some quick audience research.

Surveying your audience will help you to vet ideas for your business, like adding new products or services. The feedback you get can save you time, money and headaches when working on creating new stuff because you'll be able to find out exactly what people want.

When you know what your audience is looking for, you can more easily create products and services that solve their problems and fit their needs, making it exponentially easier to sell to them.

Plus, you can use the language that your audience uses in your marketing copy to make it really resonate with them.

Launch New Passive Income Products & Courses

If you've got dreams of creating passive income with products or courses, you absolutely need to be building your list. These are the people that are going to buy from you!

Creating passive income products such as ebooks or online courses is a great option for freelancers to create more income from their expertise. With a product, you can put the time in once to create it and make sales for a long time to come.

When it comes to buying courses and information products, trust is one of the most important factors in the buying decision.

People need to know that they are going to get value from, and have success with your product or course to invest in it. You can establish a level of trust and solidify your reputation as an expert through regular content and communication.

When a person reads your email regularly and knows the value they are getting from it, they are more likely to trust that they will get value from your paid programs as well.

List conversion rates typically hover around 1-2%, so you don't want to leave your list building to the last minute either. Building up your list from the get-go will ensure you have an audience to launch to.

How Do You Start An Email List?

Excellent question!

Luckily, starting an email list is pretty easy!

Choose Your Platform

There are a few options for choosing your email newsletter program. MailChimp and AWeber are two popular platforms that are free or low cost for small lists. They're also both pretty easy to use and set up. Choose the platform you prefer and sign up for an account.

Create An Opt-in Freebie

To entice your website visitors to sign up for your newsletter, create an opt-in offer. This can be a PDF guide, a template, a video series, an ebook, a sample chapter… anything!

Your opt-in has to be something free that your readers are going to find super valuable. In exchange for their email address, you will send them this brilliant piece of content that they are going to love.

Add Opt-In Forms To Your Site

Once you've got everything set up, add opt-in forms to your website so that people can get access to your content.

You can use the form templates in MailChimp or Aweber by embedding some simple code on your site.

You can also use a tool like PopupAlly Pro to design multiple opt-in forms and popups that fit the branding of your site.

Create A Schedule

Now that you're growing your list, you have to use it!

Create an editorial calendar or schedule so that you are communicating with your list regularly. Whether it's every Tuesday at 9 or the 1st of every month, the schedule is up to you.

The key is to be consistent and focus on providing value to your audience.

If you deliver great content every time, people will start to look forward to your emails.

If you want to start your list growth with a bang, check out the free 30 Day List Building Challenge. You'll get step-by-step instructions for starting and rapidly growing your list in 30 days.


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SumoMe vs PopupAlly Pro : Choosing the Best WordPress Popup Plugin For Your Site

sumome vs popupally pro

Whether you're a techy genius or not, it can be tough to weed through all of the WordPress plugins out there to find The One that'll fit your needs for a WordPress popup and lead generation plugin.

After all, there are a lot of nuances that'll affect your decision: the ratings and popularity of a plugin (“other people use it, so it must be good”), the capabilities of said plugin, its ease of use, and, of course, how much it'll cost ya.

Sometimes, that perfect plugin might evade your grasp because of budget constraints, other times it might just require more setup effort than you're willing to put in.

That's why I wanted to take the time to compare two of the biggest names on the market: the big Sumo vs PopupAlly Pro comparison.

Both offer attractive free versions, easy customization, and advanced tracking statistics that empower you to really unlock your full list building potential.

So let's take a look at how these two plugins compare, and what each offers for your website and business: (more…)

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What's The Best WordPress Popup Plugin For Email List Building? Let's Take A Look…

best wordpress popup plugin

When I Googled “best wordpress popup plugin” this morning…over 2 million results came up. Some of them were paid ads, but most of them were straight up organic results.

best wordpress popup plugin

And of those results, the first two pages were filled with comparison posts (“8 Best WordPress popup plugins” or “The Top 100 Plugins that will get you the most email subscribers”). I didn't click past page two, so I can't really tell you what happens after that…

But here's what's happening:

There are a lot of people who are doing their best to weed through the cheap plugins and give an honest review of tools that the average WordPress user might want to install in their website… It's just that no one can possibly sample every plugin out there.

Unless you really know what you need, each comparison post might leave you feeling more confused than before. (more…)

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Is PopupAlly A Good LeadPages Alternative WordPress Plugin… Or Do You Need Both?

Feeling overwhelmed by optin options for your landing pages?

I hear you.

There's a lot of noise and almost too many choices in terms of landing page solutions… and of course, a lot of them like to claim to be the best option out there.

Because of this, we've had a lot of great conversations with other entrepreneurs about what it means to craft a landing page…and what type of tool you might want to look at to make your job easier.

One conversation in particular stands out pretty clear, when one of our clients shared that “I'm having a hard time understanding the difference between PopupAlly and LeadPages…Should you use both, or is just one enough?

And that's a great question.

Because while PopupAlly Pro gives you the power to create opt-in forms (in addition to popups) anywhere on your site, LeadPages is a great one-stop-shop when it comes to easily building landing pages that convert.

So, is it a good idea to use PopupAlly Pro as a LeadPages alternative WordPress plugin… or should you use both?


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11 Best Practices For Your Exit Intent Popup

exit intent popup best practices

Marketers love saying it: popups are powerful. 

But I like to add: they can also be a total waste of your time. 

It's not enough to have an exit intent popup plugin on your website and make something pretty to show your visitors. You have to be strategic, informed, and able to design a heckuva popup.

Because it's not enough to just catch the eye of the visitor with your popup: you want to convert them into followers and, eventually, loyal customers. For this, you only have a few short seconds…

With that in mind, here are a few exit intent popup best practices for you to use on your own website: (more…)

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Exit Intent Popup Examples For Business Owners and Bloggers

exit intent popup examples

At a first glance, it seems surprising that exit intent popups are one of the most polite opt-ins out there.

After all, if someone's trying to leave your site, isn't it the epitome of rude to try to stop them?

That's what I always thought… until I started seeing some really awesome exit intent popup examples.

And that's when I realized that exit intent popups are like party favors: they're a little free gift that you're able to offer your visitors as they walk out the door.

Granted, you want to make sure you've got the right gift to hand out to your tribe, but after the offer's been chosen, the list-building sky is the limit. (more…)

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Mailchimp Optin Form WordPress Plugin Review: Add Customized Embedded Opt-Ins

mailchimp optin form wordpress

I once spent the better part of a week trying to figure out the coding I'd need to make my MailChimp optin forms a little nicer to look at in my WordPress site.

No joke.

MailChimp, of course, offers its own suite of optin designs (and access to the code in case you want to make your own tweaks)… but I soon realized that even the simple coding needed for something like a popup optin was beyond my abilities.

So I needed to find a good WordPress plugin that would make the whole design and integration process a lot easier.

But there were so many plugins shouting “MailChimp integration” that I became skeptical of finding a really solid plugin within my budget (which was “free” at the time).

The game-changer came in the form of PopupAlly, a trustworthy plugin that provides the styling and integration that allows you to create a MailChimp optin form that's classy, professional, and totally customizable…without having to write a single line of code.


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