An Easy to Implement WordPress Popup That Can Double Your Opt-In Conversions And Triple Your Email List...

"PopupAlly resulted in a 32% increase in our conversion rate and more than tripled our email database in two months."
-Adam Callinan,


A Drag-and-Drop WordPress Popup That Can Double Your Opt-In Conversions...
Without Intruding On Your Website Visitors

Use the #1 Proven Fastest List-Building Tactic – Without Being Annoying!
PopupAlly is an easy–to–use, premium WordPress plugin that empowers you to grow your list (so you can grow your business!) while being of maximum service to your readers. (Without being annoying!)
It's fast to install, takes zero tech background, and creates stunning, custom designs...Bestselling Popup Plugin
Even if you have NO design skills!
PopupAlly is completely revolutionary because we've taken technology that's been misused and abused for decades, and have tamed it into a polite, reader–centric, way to deliver a service–oriented and valuable experience to your website guests.
Our all–new software, when used in combination with our proprietary PopupAlly Best Practices video training, gives you the perfect solution to grow your list (which means growing your cash flow!) as fast as possible...
And, at the same time, give your website guests the exact information they need, at exactly the right time.
In other words, using this powerful combination of technique plus technology, means you provide your readers with the ultimate, top–notch experience.
Anticipating their every need, and delivering it...before they even ask!
The best of all worlds – a win for your website guests & a win for you & your business.
Because it means more clients, more cash, AND more good will.
PopupAlly Demo – The Polite Popup for WordPress by AccessAlly

WordPress popup plugin responsive

Other popups have little in the way of customizing design, and the fixed timer makes it annoying to my readers. With PopupAlly, I can keep the pop-up's design on-brand (thus being less intrusive), and with the exit-intent function, my readers can indulge in the content for however long they wish and only get the pop-up when they move their mouse to close the tab. And of course, my sign-ups are up from 5-10 a day to 25-30 a day! Genius!
– Livia Farkas,
Curious to see what PopupAlly Pro looks like on the inside?
Watch this quick demo video, and find out why PopupAlly Pro fans are choosing this WordPress popup plugin over the competition.
(Hint: it's more polite, more designer friendly, and it comes with all the core features you'd expect like split testing!)


PopupAlly Pro
$ 99/year
1 Year License includes:
Unlimited popups and opt-in boxes.
Install on any number of your own personal and business websites.
Email support and updates.
Truly Mobile Popup and Embedded Opt-In Designer
PopupAlly's fluid template builder lets you create any design your heart desires, while creating mobile friendly versions automatically.
Then, it's up to you if you want to remove fields to make it easier for mobile visitors to opt-in and join your list on the go!
Mobile Responsive Popup Plugin
Watch what happens when you start serving mobile friendly popups and opt-ins to your visitors on their phones and tablets... you'll love it!
Quick Installation & Stunning Drag-and-Drop Design
You have control over EVERY design element, down to the pixel.
In fact, there's a full set of design controls for each and every element.
That way, you're sure to create opt–ins that look like they're a legitimate part of your website design – because they are!
Here's what we mean:
PopupAlly Design Controls:

Using the easy, point-and-click pallet selector (or your own hex codes) you control background colors, font colors, and button colors. You even control the color and translucency of the background screen fade.

Use our easy image uploader to add your logo, photo, or other graphic. (Don't want an image? No worries, it's completely your choice!)

Wield full control over fonts wherever they appear – in the headline, main text, button, form fields, and the privacy statement. Choose font type, font color, font size, font weight, line height, text alignment, and even the margin height!

Fine tune your form by controlling font type, font color, font size, font weight, cell padding top & bottom, line height, width of the field, and text alignment. (Whew!) You can also control what the fields say and whether or not the “name” field is displayed.

Wordpress popup plugin

Make sure your button looks like it actually belongs on your website. Use the design controls to control the button color, all of the font features, and where the text is displayed.
What PopupAlly Pro Customers Are Saying...
"I wanted to show you my results of using PopupAlly. Prior December I had no pop ups on my site...ever. I think you can say the results speak for themselves. You all are doing something that no other plugin maker I've seen is doing in terms of customer service and support, so thank you very kindly." -Steph,
List Building Plugin Results
"I can't believe I waited this long to get PopupAlly Pro. It's leaps and bounds beyond and above anything else that I've tried. I'm just discovering it now but the features and display options are WAY cool. Thank you!" -Nathalie Guerin
"I've been using PopupAlly Pro and love it so much - I tried 3 other paid products before PopupAlly Pro... there is no comparison. It's so freakin' awesome! Nice job!!" -Shelley Cohen
"I bought PopupAlly thinking it was going to be *just* a pop up to use as an exit page on a new website I am creating. I am totally blown away by it, it is WAY more than I expected!! For days I have been playing around with it, talking about it, and I just keep finding new features to make it even more awesome!
For those of you that, like me, are {very} control freak when it comes to your site's design, this plug in will let you seriously do anything you want! No more "white backgrounds for lack of better options" sort of thing.
Seriously, if you have been resisting *another* plug-in like I was, don't just go, RUN to the check out page and get your opt-ins sorted." -Raine Boyd,
"I installed PopupAlly Pro on launch day and already I am seeing crazy results! Almost 400 new subscribers in less than 2 weeks! Thanks lady!! Plus, I cannot get over how much support is in there. I love it! Nothing irritates me more than buying something when there is nothing to help you set it up. Amazing!" -Bree,
Testimonials For PopupAlly Pro
15 Ways to Delight Your Readers by Anticipating Their Every Need
Let's get down to brass's what you get with PopupAlly...
PopupAlly Function Controls:
Use these Function Controls to deliver a polite, high-value experience while taking advantage of the most powerful list-building tactic there is!

wordpress lightbox popup

PopupAlly knows when your guests are about to leave your website. Using the exit-intent function gives you the power to offer useful follow-up information so your guests get the answers they need. That could be an ebook to help them in their decision-making process, a worksheet, or a useful guide.
Using the exit-intent feature means you're providing top-shelf service while smartly promoting your business by staying top-of-mind after your guest is gone.

wordpress popup custom design

Scroll activation gives you the power to politely offer guests relevant information when they reach the end of a page, article, or blog post. Use the scroll activation feature to anticipate your guest's information need, and then politely satisfy it. What would guests want to know, after they've read your content? Scroll activation lets you answer that. Five-star service, all the way.

wordpress popup lightbox plugin

The click-based feature gives you precision control. This style of popup is activated only when guests click on a specific link. This function gives you the power to deliver the information guests need, but only after they've demonstrated a clear interest in the subject by clicking on a related link. If they don't demonstrate an interest, they won't see a thing. How polite is that?

The time-delay feature lets you control the timing of your premium, must-have offers. This function is much like getting a free sample of coffee or tea, after you've been inside Starbucks a while. You're not assaulted at the door. Instead, you're in the store a while, you're feeling cozy & comfortable, then you're given the opportunity to learn more about a new and delicious item.

This feature is one of our most powerful because it makes PopupAlly much more than a popup. Create your own custom “Marie Forleo style” horizontal opt-in for the top of your site or the end of your blog posts, without installing a confusing pile of other plugins or wrestling with code. You can also embed a form anywhere in your website's template, or add it to your sidebar or other widgetized area of your site.

This feature is key to being respectful to your website guests. With just a few clicks, you can easily configure the thank-you page readers see after they sign up. That way, once guests sign up, they won't see your popup again.
PopupAlly Power Features:
Use these Power Features to fine-tune your reader's experience while increasing your sign-up rate & growing your business!

No name or email required! Use this power feature to delight your guests with options. There's no need to ask for a name or email address directly. Instead, use PopupAlly to give your readers a choice. Ask them if they prefer X or Y. Then, based on what they choose, their click will activate the perfect, request-specific opt-in, or take them to the exact information they're looking for.

What if subscribers use different devices – like their work computer, mobile, or tablet – to read your emails? With ordinary popups, each time readers click on a link from your emails, they get bombarded with repeated requests to sign up. Even after they're already signed up! PopupAlly's Smart Subscriber Recognition solves this problem.
This feature lets polite email marketers treat existing subscribers like royalty. When readers click on links from inside your emails, they won't get more annoying requests to sign up when they get to your website, because PopupAlly recognizes your subscribers.

Videos are one of the highest value forms of content you can provide to your guests. They're also a leading-edge business tool for developing relationships and educating your audience. PopupAlly gives you the power to offer a 5-star experience using video.

In a hurry or don't feel like doing design work? Not a problem. Just choose one of the PopupAlly templates and easily customize it for what you need.

Fine tune each and every popup by choosing exactly where it's displayed. Whether that means a single page or post, several pages or posts, or site-wide display. It's completely under your control.

Set up a live comparison of two or more opt-ins to see which one converts best. Set up a split test in just minutes and find out if a different headline gets more opt-ins, or if a new graphic gets more clicks for your click-based popup.

Ever wondered if an exit-intent popup would convert better than a timed popup? With our detailed statistics you can see what's working, and different conversion rates on mobile vs. desktop, too.

If you've ever wanted to design a gorgeous opt-in on a test site or move an existing PopupAlly form from one site to another, we've got you covered with our simple import, export, and clone features. We copy our best converting popups to all our sites!

Easily add GDPR compliant checkboxes to your opt-ins and popups. Style the checkbox to match your brand: choose the size and color, along with the text that accompanies the checkbox. Keep conversions high, while staying compliant.
It's Not Just For Popups... Build All These Different Types Of Opt-Ins
Lightbox Popup
Click to open, exit-intent, you control when it shows up.
Embedded Sidebar
Easily split test your sidebar opt-ins.
Below The Blog
Embed an opt-in after each post, or create entire landing pages.
Top Bar (Fixed Or Floating)
Highlight a blog post or ask for the opt-in at the top of any page.
Bottom Of The Site
Show a special opt-in offer at the bottom of your pages.
Horizontal Opt-In
Want a gorgeous horizontal opt-in box bellow your header? PopupAlly can do that.
Mini-Survey Questions
Show the right opt-in by asking people what they're interested in, first.
Scroll Triggered
Show a popup form anywhere on a site after someone has scrolled past a certain section.
Email Contact Popup
Create super customizable contact forms, add any number of custom fields, and get the responses via email.
Here's just a sample of the templates that come with PopupAlly Pro...
Ever wanted to design a truly "out-of-the-box" opt-in or popup? With PopupAlly, you can create pop-up contact forms, circular popups (or any shape you can think of!) and even transparent popup forms.
Here are some examples, which are already built into the plugin and ready to go...
These are just a few of the designs that come with PopupAlly out of the box. You can easily create ANYTHING you can imagine with our ultra-customizable fluid template builder!
Over-the-Top Bonus Features for Quick Success & a Big List


PopupAlly should be THE popup that people install. It's so much nicer and less intrusive than all of the other popups I've seen... even on big name sites. They should totally have PopupAlly instead of the one they have!
– Davina Fear,
PopupAlly Tech Support:
Use PopupAlly with absolute confidence, because you know we stand behind you & your success!

Tech Support

One Full Year of Tech Support:
PopupAlly Pro comes with one full year of responsive, top-shelf tech support. Robin himself oversees the process. He is directly involved with making sure customers' questions are answered and their problems are resolved. (Very few developers stay involved at this level.) Our policy is to respond to technical requests within 24 hours. But so far our stats say the response rate has typically been less than 12 hours.
User Only Facebook Community:
We’ve created a private Facebook community just for our software customers. This space is for you to collaborate with other users and get additional support from those in our community.
Best Practices Video Training by AccessAlly™:
Learn our polite techniques to grow your list (so you can grow your business!) while being of maximum service to your readers. (Without being annoying!)
Nathalie Shows You How:

Video Training

Follow Nathalie as she guides you through our advanced, two-part Best Practices Video Training. In Part One, you'll learn how to create a powerful and enticing opt-in offer. Nathalie teaches you what type of gifts to offer, and how to present and describe them so they are irresistible. In Part Two, you'll learn how to make full use of the PopupAlly Function Controls and Power Features so you give your website guests the exact information they need, at exactly the right time.
Technique Plus Technology Grows Your List:

More Video Training

This powerful combination of technique plus technology, means you provide your readers with the ultimate, 5-star experience, while growing your list using the fastest proven tactic there is.
Are you ready to combine technique plus technology to grow your email list (so you can grow your cash flow!), by being of service to your readers?
Then join us...And start putting PopupAlly's polite, list-building power to work within minutes.
PopupAlly Case Study: Increases Conversions Over 220%
How to Grow Your Email List Twice As Fast – Starting Today
We ran a real-time experiment to show how dramatically PopupAlly can increase your opt-in conversion rates.
Our test subject was the popular website, Real Foods Witch (
We decided to test PopupAlly by turning it “on” and “off” to measure the difference in sign-up rate.
We knew that if PopupAlly made a difference, the subscriber rates would predictably go up and down, based on whether or not PopupAlly was on or off.
Our Results Show That Turning PopupAlly Pro Off Would Result In A Loss Of 500 Subscribers Per Month
As predicted, when PopupAlly is “on”, we get more subscribers, for an increase of over 220%:
PopupAlly Case Study
Average Monthly Unique Visitors Average Conversion Rate Projected Subscribers per Month
69500 1.28% 890
69500 0.56% 389
69500 1.20% 834
PopupAlly Test Results
Note: The spikes you see on the Google Analytics screenshots reflect days when blog posts are released.
Conversion rates are averaged over similar time periods.
How to Compound Your List Building Efforts, Day In and Day Out
These numbers add up over time!
  • By leaving PopupAlly “on” for a year, projected list growth would be 10,680 new subscribers.
  • Without PopupAlly, projected list growth would be much lower, for a total of 4,680 new subscribers.
In this example PopupAlly makes a difference of 6000 subscribers over a year's time. And in my experience, the faster your list grows, the more word of mouth your site gets, which increases your traffic and further grows your email list.
Of course, every situation is different and your specific results may vary based on your site's traffic and opt-in offers.
But what would it mean for your business if you had 6000 more subscribers by this time next year?
Would it mean more clients? More business? More cash? (All of the above?)
Then jump in now... And get more customers, starting today!
What Would a Bigger Email List Mean for YOUR Business?
What would a quickly-growing email list do for your cash flow?
How would more clients and more cash improve your business?
Here's how current PopupAlly users answer:
"I have the popup set up at exit and I've gotten more subscribers in the 1 day it's been active than just having a form in the sidebar since January!" -Yoly M.
"I just wanted to thank you!? PopupAlly has been one of the easiest programs for me to install and implement.? I’m so looking forward to trying all the different types to take my online marketing to the next level.? PopupAlly should really be in every introvert entrepreneur’s marketing toolkit." -Marion Chamberlain,
"I am happy to report that sign-ups for my mail list went up 20% from the previous month!" -Maeri H.
"I couldn't figure out WHY I was suddenly getting more sign-ups, and then I remembered – the popup!!! Yeah – amazing!" -Claire S.
"I was hesitating to use PopupAlly on my website because I was nervous people wouldn't confirm their subscriptions. And what do you know... after two weeks of using the plugin, I have an increase of 60% in subscribers to my mailing list! Woohoo!!" -Sarit Lotem
Want to easily and quickly grow your list using the most effective list-building tactic there is?
Then join us...You could be creating your first opt-in within minutes.
Is PopupAlly Right for You?
Know these answers and you'll know if PopupAlly is right for you...
  • What systems does PopupAlly work with?
    PopupAlly is a WordPress popup plugin and it integrates with the following email marketing systems:
    Supported Systems
    PopupAlly is compatible with ALL email marketing tools, including the above, that use Custom HTML Forms.
  • I'm not a technical person – is PopupAlly user-friendly for us non-techy peeps?
    Absolutely! PopupAlly was created with you in mind: Our top priority was to combine ease of use with red carpet service to insure you grow your email list as quickly and as easily as possibly, using the most powerful list-building tool there is.
  • What if I install PopupAlly and something ‘breaks’ on my web site?
    5-Star, Concierge Tech Support: Robin himself is directly involved with troubleshooting and solving technical problems. Very few (if any) developers do this. As a last resort, he has even gone as far as logging into customers' WordPress dashboards remotely (with their permission!) to diagnose and fix the problem.
  • I see cookie cutter popup designs everywhere! How is PopupAlly different?
    PopupAlly is brand-specific: The design editor is easy to use, intuitive, and powerful at the same time. Because you create your popup inside the PopupAlly dashboard, you have full control – based on your own design parameters. You have complete creative freedom with colors, logos, fonts, form fields, the subscribe button, and even the screen fade.
  • I need different popups, in different places, doing different things. Help!
    PopupAlly is perfect for you: Using the 6 Function Controls, and the 6 Power Features, you can create different popups for different areas of your website and have them be activated in different ways. And with the Priority Control Power Feature you can feel confident that your website guests won't be bombarded with popups because you determine when (or if) readers see other popups elsewhere on your site. If you have multiple websites, you're covered. You can install & use PopupAlly on all of them.
  • What if I follow best practices and still get complaints?
    Effective Marketing is a Screening Tool: Sometimes there's just no pleasing folks. Even when we go to extremes. Nathalie recently experienced this very thing when a reader signed up at Real Foods Witch, consumed the free content, and then complained that the site's “Witch” motif was religiously offensive. Go figure! We've all been there. Just remember this, when people complain, they're usually not your ideal customer. But when they're paying attention (the kind of customer we want!), they'll likely see you're doing your best to give them the relevant information they need, when they need it.
  • I still get popups for newsletters & email lists I'm already signed up for! Yikes!
    Smart Subscriber Recognition to the Rescue: Our Smart Subscriber Recognition power feature is a unique solution to this wide-spread problem. This extraordinary feature automatically flags existing newsletter and email subscribers. When readers click links from inside your emails or newsletters, they won't get more annoying requests to sign up when they land on your website. Because PopupAlly recognizes them immediately and de-activates the popup so it doesn't appear.
  • I get suspicious when I sign up for something and it goes to a different URL. What's up with that?
    PopupAlly STAYS on YOUR Website: Compared to other ordinary popups, PopupAlly doesn't bounce through another company's website and display another company's URL. This can be a big trust factor. When people see a different web site address, they immediately get suspicious. When this happens, establishing trust can be more difficult. Which means they may be less likely to do business with you. Or, at best, much slower to say yes, because there is less trust. PopupAlly runs on your website independently because once it's installed it is part of your website.
  • Does PopupAlly work with Mobile?
    Definitely! PopupAlly works on Apple mobile devices like iPhone & iPad. PopupAlly also works on android devices, including smartphones and tablet computers. It's the WordPress popup plugin responsive to mobile and different sized screens!
  • I see other popups out there too. Why choose PopupAlly?
    Our Polite Approach to Popups is Singular: Our proprietary PopupAlly Best Practices video training stands alone. It's one of a kind. When you use our techniques, combined with our technology (including 6 Function Controls, and 6 Power Features), you have the power to deliver a polite and respectful experience to your website guests, while growing your list in the fastest proven way possible.
    Successful Opt-In Training: Remember, Part 1 of the PopupAlly Best Practices video training teaches you how to create powerful and enticing offers. Not only will your opt-ins be coming from a place of service, they'll be irresistible.
    Value: PopupAlly is available for only $99/year for unlimited popups, updates, and top-shelf tech support. Other products range in price, from lower to higher. In fact, one popular alternative charges on a monthly basis, which means you're stuck with ongoing billing hassles and a monthly payment burden (which adds up fast!).
  • I have the free version already, why would I invest?
    More Features, More Control, Better Results: PopupAlly Pro gives you more features and more design control. The design editor gives you nearly unlimited control over fonts and colors. And the advanced editing mode gives developers and tech-savvy users absolute control over every design element. The Power Features give you more ways to customize and tailor your popups so your website guests have a 5-star experience and receive high-value content. That way, you can boost your sign-up rates while delivering the right information, at the right time.
    Unlimited Usage: Install as many popups, in as many places, for as many opt-ins as your readers will benefit from. You can install 2 separate popups using the free version, but with the pro version your options are unlimited.
    5-Star, Concierge Tech Support: PopupAlly comes with one full year of top-shelf tech support.
  • Is PopupAlly a good investment for my business?
    PopupAlly is a High-Value, High-Results Plugin: When you purchase PopupAlly you're empowering your business with the most powerful list-building tool there is, and combining it with our unique Best Practices approach to using popups. This combination of technique and technology means you have all you need to grow your email list faster while offering your website guests the information they need, exactly when they need it.
  • What’s the annual license fee, software update and email support renewal going to cost?
    You'll be charged $99 annually for ongoing product access, updates and continued support one year after you sign up for your PopupAlly Pro license.
Are you ready to easily and quickly grow your list using the most effective list-building tactic there is?
Join us could be using PopupAlly within minutes.
PopupAlly Pro
$ 99/year
1 Year License includes:
Unlimited popups and opt-in boxes.
Install on any number of your own personal and business websites.
Email support and updates.
Our 30 Day, Total Satisfaction Guarantee
Use PopupAlly for a full 30 days and prove its list-building power for yourself:
Spend just 5 minutes (usually less!) installing it onto your website, with just a few clicks.
Then easily create your first opt-in by following our in-screen support instructions. Take full advantage of the different functions like exit-intention, scroll activation, click-based activation, embedded sign-up forms to give your readers the right information, delivered at the right time.
Open the powerful, easy-to-use design editor to create as many stunning opt-ins as you need. Control every element of your design, down to the colors, graphics, fonts, form fields, and subscribe button. Or if you're in a hurry, just use one of our customizable templates.
Give yourself a full 30 days to experiment with PopupAlly. And make sure to watch the PopupAlly Best Practices Training Videos. Follow Nathalie as she guides you through our advanced training. She'll teach you how to create powerful and enticing opt-in offers.
PopupAlly is an easy to use, intuitive, and powerful tool to grow your email list using the most effective technique there is.
But we know that not every plugin is right for every business, so if you're not totally thrilled, just email us within 30 days of purchase and we'll send your refund within 24 – 48 hours. Super simple.
Ready to start growing your list and cash-flow using PopupAlly?
Just click the button below to get started, and have your first opt-in up within minutes.
Ready to get these quick and easy results?
"I just installed PopupAlly this weekend. It is AWESOME! And very easy to customize. Nathalie Lussier, I'm sending you a big hug!" -Kyra M.
"I just installed my first popup on my site. I decided to use Nathalie Lussier's new plugin, PopupAlly. I really love how it's set up. It let me create a gorgeous popup with just a few clicks, which is HUGE for me!" -Stephanie S.
"I must say that this is an incredibly powerful plug-in. I like it so much that I ditched my other email plug-in. Yours is just so customizable it's ridiculous." -Mark Struczewski,
"I've never EVER seen a more clean, simple, beautiful AND EASY plugin. Took me less than 5 minutes to install, and though I work with WordPress professionally I've never had any popup plugin be this easy and simple. (And I've seen quite a few!)" -Mariaestela G.
"I've been through dozens of pop-up plugins and PopupAlly is the only one which has the flexibility and functionality that I am looking for." -Andrew S.
"You don't need to worry about being tech savvy with this product, it really is THAT easy." -Connie T.
Join these happy business owners...
Get PopupAlly and use it to easily and quickly grow your list using the most effective list-building tactic there is.
PopupAlly Pro
$ 99/year
1 Year License includes:
Unlimited popups and opt-in boxes.
Install on any number of your own personal and business websites.
Email support and updates.
Nathalie & Robin – Your Allies in Success
The Fastest Path to Cash: Get More Customers
We chose PopupAlly as our first project because it made sense to offer an easy-to-use software solution for one of the most important parts of business: getting more customers.
Because getting more customers is the most direct path to getting more cash. Always a good thing!
From a marketing perspective, it's been proven that popups are one of the most powerful ways to get more customers by growing an email list. And from a technical perspective, WordPress plugins are one of the most powerful ways to implement this customer-getting technique.
So we did our best to combine Nathalie's online marketing savvy with Robin's technical programming brilliance – and PopupAlly was the result.
It's packed with the controls, features, and ease-of-use that business owners need. Plus, it's powered by stable, lightning-fast programming that's backed up with quick, responsive technical support.
We're proud of PopupAlly and confident in its power to grow your email list so you can get more cash.
We invite you to give it a try.
Meet Nathalie & Robin
Nathalie Lussier is an award-winning entrepreneur and digital strategist whose work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, Venture Beat, Mashable, Business Insider, Yahoo! Finance, and Under 30 CEO.
Nathalie's first business success was building a popular raw foods website that now gets over 750,000 visitors and over 1 million page views per year. Next, she took what she learned and turned it into a six-figure consulting business where she teaches business owners and entrepreneurs the very same technology and online marketing strategies she uses.
Robin Li's programming skills have helped businesses be more successful and more profitable. He was a competitor in rigorous programming competitions at the University of Waterloo, often called the MIT of Canada. He was also an intern developer at NVIDIA (the inventor and industry leader of modern visual computing), where he helped increase the speed of advanced gaming GPUs (Graphics Processing Units).
Robin has also developed advanced algorithms for the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Fortune 500 company Morgan Stanley, making trade transactions more efficient and profitable.
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