How to Add a Pop Up On WordPress In Less Than 10 Minutes

February 11, 2022

There are almost too many plugins to choose from when you’re trying to learn how to add a popup on WordPress. Some are pretty sweet choices, while others just exude “spammy.”

But if you’re looking for a quick, quality WordPress plugin with clean coding and a super user-friendly interface, this video tutorial for PopupAlly Pro is right up your alley. In this quick video tutorial, you’ll see the exact steps for how to add a pop up on WordPress in just 10 minutes…

WordPress Tutorial For Adding A Pop-Up Form

There are many WordPress tutorials for adding pop ups, but many of them are edited down to show you an almost unreasonable example of what’s possible.

With our popup maker plugin, we decided to show you all the user clicks required starting in the WordPress dashboard. You’ll see how long it really takes to create popups on WordPress from start to finish.

As you can see, this lightbox pop-up plugin for WordPress is super customizable and allows you to implement any designs your mind can dream up.

And that’s important: if your popups don’t match your website at all, it can look really spammy and turn people off right away.

How to Use Different Popups to Achieve Your List Building Goals

One of the most important aspects of marketing is building your mailing list. It can be difficult to get people subscribed, especially if you’re not a well-known blogger or creator.

When asked about their preferred ways to subscribe, website visitors said that they’d prefer getting an email with content before signing up for newsletters or other types of updates.

A popup in WordPress works great for this purpose because it will catch the visitor’s attention and let them sign up without leaving your website. You can even add further incentives by offering free Ebooks and other gifts in return for a subscription.

Due to new GDPR rules, it is more beneficial than ever to include checkboxes where subscribers can uncheck them during subscription so that you don’t send promotional material to people who did not explicitly ask for them.

The more personal and meaningful conversation you can bring when you create popups, the more likely someone is to sign up for your email list.

Timing matters too. If a popup appears too early on a visit, even if it’s an attractive image popup or it has something the user is looking for, it can be a turn off.

So make sure that any new popup you add to your WordPress site is timed properly, not to annoy your users.

Because at the end of the day, you can use the best popup maker plugin but still turn off potential subscribers.

The trick is to add popup forms where they logically make sense, and to make sure they tie into the content on the specific page.

Many Types Of Popups

The PopupAlly Pro WordPress plugin enables you to create a variety of elegant opt-ins to enhance your website experience and grow your email list.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the fact that integrating a variety of popups can really make a positive impact on your website visitors.

Someone who’s just been perusing through your blog might be more easily interested by an exit-intent popup, whereas someone who’s scrolled more than halfway down a sales page might interact better with a scroll-based popup.

It depends on what your visitors are looking for and how your popup strategy meets their needs.

Keeping the diverse needs of your client in mind, the PopupAlly Pro plugin enables you to easily create many different types of opt-ins, including:

  • Exit Intent Popup – This is the most polite version of a popup, since it appears only when the user decides that they want to leave your website.
  • Scroll Popup – This popup will appear when people read through a certain percentage of your page (designated by how far they scroll down).
  • Click-Based Popup – When someone clicks a link on your page, this popup will open, revealing the opt-in opportunity that you have.
  • Embedded Popup – This one is actually not a popup at all! An embedded popup is simply a styled opt-in that can be placed anywhere on your website – at the top, at the bottom, or in the sidebar, for example.

Each type of opt-in or popup can be used for a specific purpose that aligns with your sales and marketing needs.

The Best Popup Maker Plugin is the One You Can Customize

Using the plugin on your WordPress website is super easy, but we’ve taken it a step further and included high-end features like:

  • Customizing colors and fonts to match your brand across your WordPress site
  • Adding custom CSS for unlimited design possibilities
  • Adjusting animation, delays, form position or anything else you can think of! You can use your choice of fonts, add pre-styled popups , or apply our exclusive Popup Templates (blocker free!).
  • Design contact form popups to collect more information
  • Create popups that appear on different posts, and display rules that show popups on a specific page
  • A popup builder that lets you drag and drop the different elements to their desired location
  • Modal pops that can be used to redirect users or display after a page load to show a welcome message

Plus, if you decide to upgrade to PopupAlly Pro, you can contact our support team and get help using the popup builder if ever you get stuck.

WordPress Popup Form Options

Your WordPress website needs a popup maker, and you could go with a hardcoded HTML popup, or use a theme that has a built-in popup feature.

Those are both great options, but if you’re looking for more features out of your popup maker, then this WordPress popup plugin is the way to go.

With the Pro version of PopupAlly, you can create as many popups as your heart desires. The free version is one of the most established WordPress plugins to create popups, and it is still going strong.

With both WordPress plugins, you can create popups without any coding skills needed.

No need to make complex animations from scratch, use one of our ready-made animations. The drag and drop interface where you can easily add elements, resize them, set their position in the popup window, apply custom CSS rules, edit text, and so much more.

The popup settings go even further by giving you polite ways to trigger popup displays, or prevent popups from appearing if the visitor is already a subscriber.

How To Add A Pop Up On WordPress … The Easy Way

We designed the PopupAlly Pro plugin as a response to the need for an elegant, polite opt-in, that only takes a few minutes to set up.

Take time to watch the tutorial video, create your own popups, and watch your email list start to grow!