Convert More Customers with the Right WordPress Opt-in Plugin


Finding the right WordPress opt-in plugin means understanding the customer and knowing what they want in an opt-in form.

Not all opt-in forms work, and there’s a reason why — businesses don’t understand what customers are really looking for in the form.

This is a customer-centric world; customers can easily hop to the competitor’s site and fill out a more appealing opt-in form. Get the right opt-in to encourage customers to follow through and eventually convert to paying, continuous business relationships.

Choosing The Right WordPress Opt-in Plugin For you…

1. Match Your Opt-in to Your Existing Brand

Make sure the opt-in form matches the brand you’ve already built. Customers are expecting a specific idea and image from you; consistency is key in the opt-in form.

Building consistency builds trust in the overall business, and any deviations from the brand will make customers nervous. Design controls for this purpose are great for businesses, so if you can find an opt-in plugin, such as PopupAlly, that gives you design controls, use it. Make sure the opt-in page matches your unique brand colors, design, logos, and ideas.

2. Make Your Opt-in Form Stand Out

It must stand out to get the attention of the customer. Many customers are very busy and most won’t notice an opt-in page that’s on the side of the page or out of the way. Customers will not search for the “receive emails” option on a site, even if they love the site and the brand. Most customers need the information given to them directly.

You’ll need to grab the customer’s attention as soon as he or she lands on your page. Placing the opt-in form on your landing page has been proven to be the most effective method of grabbing attention. PopupAlly offers this option through its function controls, giving you the power to place your opt-in plugin on that initial landing page.

3. Help Customers Solve a Problem

The opt-in form must be irresistible and enticing. This is where you tell your customers what problem you will solve if they sign up for your emails and newsletters. What will they get if they allow you access to their inbox? Will they get discounts, advice, tips, and future offers? The customer is already at your site because he or she has noticed you have an amazing service. Increase their excitement by enticing them to sign up for the best you have to offer in the future.

Furthermore, opt-in forms must also offer a business the best of the best, from design options, to mobile options, to flexible options that will work with the business as it changes. Businesses grow and move; a long-lasting, durable plugin must do the same. Working on a website is tedious, so why insert a plugin that offers anything less than flexibility and the ability to change with you?

Make sure the opt-in plugin you choose allows users to use it across all platforms, from mobile, to tablet, to desktop. Plugins such as PopupAlly Pro synchronize and adjust to fit any screen size; this is what the mobile world demands. Make sure your customers can access the form no matter the platform.

When should your opt-in appear?

You also want a number of function controls, for a number of different reasons. Function controls help you, as the business, control what the customer sees, which will increase conversions. You know your customers best; you know what to give them to help them convert.

1. Exit Intent Opt-In Forms

This feature recognizes when the customer is leaving the page and will provide additional information to the customer. It can offer a newsletter, ebook, or other information delivered directly to the customer’s email.

There are very few WordPress opt-in plugin options that offer this feature, in such a polite popup kind of way, but PopupAlly is one of them.

2. Scroll Activation

The customer receives further options for more information, additional articles, or other parts of the site after scrolling to the bottom of the page. The customer can also be offered the opt-in email option here, and many businesses use this option to keep the customer on the page.

3. Click-Based Activation

This option reads the customer because it delivers information only after the customer has clicked on a specific link. The popup appears because the customer has specifically asked for the information by clicking on a part of the website. This is a polite form of delivering more information without annoying customers with automatic popups. It is also a great lead in to the opt-in form, where customers can choose to receive further information later via email.

4. Time Delay Feature Offering

This option allows a business to wait to give an offer. The customer has been on the site for a few minutes, then receives an offer from the company in a popup. This entices customers who are already interested in the brand and are already thinking about trying out a product. This is a very polite way to say, “I see you’re interested, can I tempt you with a small sample of our newest products?”

5. Embedded Sign Up Forms

This is the gold that businesses should look for in an opt-in form. It is simply set in the site and is easy to customize. This means that you get an opt-in form that matches your brand without the headache of dealing with code or tons of plugins. Customers can easily sign up and won’t feel overwhelmed by this form.

6. Thank You Page Configuration

This configuration assures that customers will not see the sign up pop up after they sign up for the email option. The page thanks the customer, then remembers the customer, avoiding the same pop up in the future. Customers will continue to come back to the page because they have not been annoyed by repeat information or offers to sign up for emails. Customers appreciate businesses that do not bother them, rather, politely ask for information, then back down if the information is not received.

Try PopupAlly!

PopupAlly Pro fills all these options for businesses. The idea behind the PopupAlly Wordpress opt-in plugin is to be polite to customers. This customer-centric business world must cater to the customer, and that means asking instead of telling customers what to do. The past few years have proven that customers respond better to businesses who ask for favors, rather than those who tell customers what they must do.

This also means that customers want to know what the business will do in return for the favor asked. Plugins such as PopupAlly answer that question by telling customers what they will receive when signing up for emails. It also offers customers the option to sign up, and will never repeat a request to the same customer. It is polite and considerate, which customers appreciate.

It is also an amazing tool for businesses who must change in the fickle winds of a forever changing customer base.

Its main goal is to be polite to customers, so, like the quiet salesperson who does not work on commission, it can be programmed to wait on the side or activate after the customer has a chance to browse.

PopupAlly recognizes the need to allow the customer to have control, and the need for businesses to customize plugins to their own unique businesses. This plugin has married these needs into a polite, waiting-in-the-wings sales force that suggests options to customers instead of screaming in their faces.