Popup Case Study Shows List Increased By 220% In One Month


We love seeing PopupAlly Pro in action, especially because most of the time the results speak for themselves.

That’s why we’re so excited to be writing this popup case study, especially for anyone who is still on the fence about using popups to build an email list.

Setting up a new popup can be intimidating when you’ve never had popups on your site before. You want to create something beautiful that increases your sign ups, but you don’t want to annoy your readers. Or maybe you just don’t know what works best.

It helps seeing what other entrepreneurs are doing with their popups to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we interviewed one of our great PopupAlly Pro users today.

Amanda Genther has been using PopupAlly Pro on her site since November 2014 and has seen some great results. Not only has she increased her list, but she is also now booked out for her one-on-one services for the entire year. How did she do it!?

On to the Popup Case Study with Amanda Genther

1. When did you start using PopupAlly?

I started using PopupAlly opt-in forms on my site in November 2014, and implemented my first polite popup during June 2015.

2. What list building methods were you using prior to PopupAlly?

I was using LeadPages and regular Infusionsoft web forms for list building prior to PopupAlly.

3. What results did you experience when you started using PopupAlly? What kind of growth did you see?

For my main list, I saw a huge leap in subscribers during the month that I started using PopupAlly. In October 2014 (pre-PopupAlly) there were 72 new subscribers that month. In November 2014 (after PopupAlly) there were 159 new subscribers that month. That’s a 220% increase in subscribers from just one month of using PopupAlly.


I created and published my first traditional “popup” in June 2015, and the results were mind-blowing. Before the popup, I got an average of 80 subscribers per month signing up for my free resource, the Digital Product Rolodex. In June 2015, when I published the popup on my site, there were 223 new subscribers to that free resource. That’s a 301% increase in subscribers. The popup currently has a 43% conversion rate.

popup case study

4. What did this mean for your business in terms of growth, sales, or other opportunities?

It meant that I’m now able to connect and help more people. I’m also completely booked out for my 1:1 services for the year, so that’s always awesome. Also, now that the popups and opt-ins are completely set up, they are running on their own and I just have to focus on getting people to see them.

5. What are you other favorite list building methods? What else has worked for you?

Webinars are a huge list builder. For my very first webinar, I added 750 people to my list within 1 week. Also, lead generation PDFs and free resources are always huge for list growth. I don’t have any opt-ins on my site that don’t include a free resource/giveaway of some sort. I always recommend having one that is targeted towards what you teach in your business so you can build a really quality and engaged email list.

6. Do you have tips to make your popups convert better?

Make sure the design of your popups matches your branding and your site so that people aren’t confused about the popup and where it came from. It should seamlessly fit into everything else you’ve created for your site.

popup case study

popup case study

popup case study

Also, keep the message very simple. Even better, if you add a little humor. It’s no surprise that most people don’t actually prefer popups, but if you can catch their attention and make them smile, you’re more likely to get that conversion.

7. Did you have any resistance to start using a popup?

A little bit, because I didn’t want to annoy any of my readers. But, when I reframed my mindset that I was actually providing value versus being an annoyance, I felt much more comfortable about using the popups on my site.

8. How did you celebrate your list growth?

This is something I definitely need to get better at. Honestly, I celebrated my list growth by feeling a lot more confident about my upcoming launch, knowing that these people are interested in the topic I’m teaching about.

popup case study

9. Anything else you want to share about your experience using PopupAlly?

As a designer, I appreciate the customization capabilities of this plugin. Keeping the look and feel of my popups consistent with my branding is huge.
popup case studyAmanda Genther helps purpose-driven women entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life by providing personality-inspired design + next-level strategy for their online courses.

She is also the creator of Irresistible Sales Pages, an online course that teaches women entrepreneurs how to become their own sales page stylists so they can launch with confidence and make more sales.
You can connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.