PopupAlly Pro 3.2.0 Release Notes

Released December 2020

New Features

New polite ways to show popups and opt-in forms! Now you can link popups into a series to be shown after someone has already seen another popup. This is great if you want to show an exit-intent popup, and follow it up with a reminder bar if they close this popup.

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  • PopupAlly Pro just got an interface refresh! We’d widened the editing space you have to design your popups and opt-in forms, and we moved the settings to their own click-to-open popups. You can still take advantage of the drag-and-drop builder, but all of the details are tucked away in their own settings area. Ahhh!
  • We’ve added the ability to add custom CSS to your PopupAlly Pro buttons, so you can do gradient buttons now, too.
  • Now you can search for a page or post when you’re deciding where a popup or opt-in should be displayed, so you don’t need to scroll through all of your content.
  • Cloned or created a new popup? Now you’ll instantly be editing the new one, instead of any previously opened popups you were working on.
  • Now it’s easier than ever to select or exclude which pages, posts, or categories are going to display your popups and opt-ins. Instead of using checkboxes and trying to scroll through all of your content, now you can just start typing and select your pages that way.