How to Create a Click To Open Popup in PopupAlly

With PopupAlly Pro, you can create a click-to-open popup that appears when someone clicks on a text link or an image.

How Click-To-Open Popup Works

Create a click to open popup so when someone lands on the page and clicks the linked text or linked image, a popup will appear.

Video Tutorial of Click-To-Open Popup

Written Tutorial

Step 1: Configure the Display Settings

Go to: PopupAlly Pro > select the popup > Display Settings > Check the box to enable the “Is this a click-to-open popup?” setting

GIF showing click to popup setting in PopupAlly Pro

Step 2: Set the Click To Open Setting

There are two main options: a link or HTML class.

Option 1 (recommended): A link point to
Select “a link pointing to” option from the dropdown menu, then copy the code from the blue box and move to Step 3 in this tutorial.

Screenshot from PopupAlly showing a link pointing to setting

Option 2: an element with HTML class
This is a more advanced option and you need a basic understanding of HTML code to implement.

Select “an element with HTML class” option from the dropdown menu, then select the class code from the blue box.

Screenshot from AccessAlly showing an HTML class setting

Note: You must select either Option 1 (recommended) or Option 2. You cannot use both options.

Step 3: Configure the Page Display Settings

Since the popup will only show when the special link or class is used, set the Page Display Settings to all pages and posts with no exclusions.

Check the box for “Show this popup on which posts/pages?” setting

Screenshot from PopupAlly pro showing page settings

Step 4: Add your link to a page

Create a new page or navigate to the page you want to add the click to open popup.

Option 1 (recommended): A link point to

Copy the code from the blue box in Step 2. There are two options for your link: text or image.


  1. Add the desired copy to your page
  2. From the text editor, click the link button
  3. Add the link copied from the blue box for this text
  4. Publish changes

GIF showing adding a click to open popup link to text


    1. From the text editor, add the link copied from the blue box to your link box for this image
    2. Add the desired image to your page from the media library between the link open and close tags

Note: Under the Attachment Display Settings, you must leave the Link To setting set to None
screenshot from PopupAlly Pro showing link settings

  • Publish changes


GIF showing adding a link to an image for a click to open popup
Option 2: an element with HTML class

Note: this setting can only be used for linking an image.

  1. Add an image from the media library or upload a new image to your page
  2. Edit the HTML code in the text editor by adding the class copied from the blue box in Step 2
  3. Publish changes

GIF showing class settings for a click to popup setting


  1. View your page on an incognito or private browser.
  2. Test your text link or image by clicking on it and seeing the popup.
  3. Be sure to opt-in and test the process all the way through.


  • If you don’t see the popup, double-check the link you copied from the blue box.
  • If you’re using Option 2: an element with HTML class and you don’t see the popup, double-check you’ve pasted the class code in the correct location.
  • If you have additional trouble with Option 2: an element with HTML class, try configuring the click to popup setting using Option 1.
  • Always test on an incognito or private browser.

Want to create a click-to-open popup that is triggered when someone clicks on an image? See this tutorial: How to Create a Click-to-Open Popup (Image-trigger).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What systems does PopupAlly work with?

    PopupAlly is a WordPress popup plugin and it integrates with these email marketing systems:

    • ActiveCampaign
    • AWeber
    • MailChimp
    • Infusionsoft
    • Keap
    • ConvertKit
    • Ontraport
    • Mad Mimi
    • GetResponse

    PopupAlly is compatible with all email marketing tools that use custom HTML forms.

  • I'm not a technical person. Is PopupAlly user-friendly for us non-techy peeps?

    Absolutely! PopupAlly was created with you in mind: Our top priority was to combine ease of use with red carpet service to insure you grow your email list as quickly and as easily as possibly, using the most powerful list-building tool there is.

  • What if I install PopupAlly and something ‘breaks’ on my website?

    5-Star, Concierge Tech Support: We have a top-rated, dedicated, and responsive support team who are happy to help!

    Contact us here.

  • I need different popups, in different places, doing different things. Help!

    PopupAlly is perfect for you: Using the 6 Function Controls, and the 6 Power Features, you can create different popups for different areas of your website and have them be activated in different ways. And with the Priority Control Power Feature you can feel confident that your website guests won’t be bombarded with popups because you determine when (or if) readers see other popups elsewhere on your site. If you have multiple websites, you’re covered. You can install & use PopupAlly on all of them.

  • What if I follow best practices and still get complaints?

    Effective Marketing is a Screening Tool: Sometimes there’s just no pleasing folks. Even when we go to extremes. Nathalie once experienced this very thing when a reader signed up at Real Foods Witch, consumed the free content, and then complained that the site’s “Witch” motif was religiously offensive. Go figure! We’ve all been there. Just remember this, when people complain, they’re usually not your ideal customer. But when they’re paying attention (the kind of customer we want!), they’ll likely see you’re doing your best to give them the relevant information they need, when they need it.

  • I still get popups for newsletters & email lists I'm already signed up for! Yikes!

    Smart Subscriber Recognition to the Rescue: Our Smart Subscriber Recognition power feature is a unique solution to this wide-spread problem. This extraordinary feature automatically flags existing newsletter and email subscribers. When readers click links from inside your emails or newsletters, they won’t get more annoying requests to sign up when they land on your website. Because PopupAlly recognizes them immediately and de-activates the popup so it doesn’t appear.

  • I get suspicious when I sign up for something and it goes to a different URL. What's up with that?

    PopupAlly stays on your Website: Compared to other ordinary popups, PopupAlly doesn’t bounce through another company’s website and display another company’s URL. This can be a big trust factor. When people see a different web site address, they immediately get suspicious. When this happens, establishing trust can be more difficult. Which means they may be less likely to do business with you. Or, at best, much slower to say yes, because there is less trust. PopupAlly runs on your website independently because once it’s installed it is part of your website.

  • Does PopupAlly work with mobile?

    Definitely! PopupAlly works on Apple mobile devices like iPhone & iPad. PopupAlly also works on Android devices, including smartphones and tablet computers. It’s the WordPress popup plugin responsive to mobile and different sized screens!

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