PopupAlly Pro Templates

PopupAlly Pro comes with 24 pre-designed templates…so no matter what style you're going for, you can definitely find a great place to start!

These templates are divided into two groups: Fluid Templates and Traditional Templates. Traditional Templates come with a fairly static layout that can be tweaked a little (colors, fonts, images, etc.), but are your standard “grab and go” option.

Fluid Templates, on the other hand, are fully customizable, giving you an almost unlimited ability to to tweak and brand your popups and opt-ins to your heart's content.

So let's take a look at what each of the templates looks like:

Fluid Popup Templates

Here's a glimpse at the 13 fluid template styles that come with PopupAlly Pro.

Popup Templates 1: Before You Go! Design 1

This is a fairly straightforward design, and is great to use for those lead-magnet popups. Simply add your image, tweak the text and colors, and you're ready to go!

Popup Templates

Popup Templates 2: Before You Go! Design 2

This popup is pretty similar to the first, but the content is centered in the box and the icon image space is a bit smaller.

Popup Templates

Popup Templates 3: Circular Dark

This circular popup style is so classy. The template uses a variety of transparency layers for a unique effect.

Popup Templates

Popup Template 4: Special Offers – Design 1 (Dark)

A transparent layer set on top of a background image gives this popup template a great sense of depth.

Special Offers - Design 1 (Dark)

Popup Template 5: Special Offers – Design 2 (Light)

So simple and to-the-point, for those times when you're ready to offer a very direct message to your website visitors.
Special Offers - Design 2 (Light)

Template 6: Contact Form – Transparent

This contact form is pre-built on a semi-transparent background. Contact form popups are so helpful when you don't want to pull visitors off of a page in order for them to shoot you a message.

Contact Form - Transparent

Template 7: Contact Form – Solid

This contact form is a slight variation from the previous template. It's built on a solid (non-transparent) background.

Contact Form - Solid

Template 8: Freedom Guide – Make A Choice

This template gives website visitors a really fun opt-in choice. It does a really great job at snagging their attention and imagination. You can configure each button choice to send visitors to a unique page OR another popup…

Freedom Guide - Make A Choice

Template 9: Freedom Guide – Good Choice!

Follow up your use of Template 8 with this opt-in form.

Freedom Guide - Good Choice!

Template 10: Sidebar Sidekick

This opt-in template works perfectly when you just need something little to slip into a sidebar or widget area on your website.

Sidebar Sidekick

Template 11: Full Width Opt In

Grab this template when you want your opt-in to display across the entire width of your site. It can be placed anywhere on the page (top, bottom, or somewhere in the middle)

Full Width Opt-in

Template 12: Full Width Click Open

This template is also full-width, but lacks the name and email fields. We love using this style when we're advertising a product or service… but want to send interested visitors to the landing page itself. (The button can also be configured to open another PopupAlly Popup.)

Full Widsth Click Open

Template 13: Blank Canvas

For those days when you just want to start with a blank slate… there's the Blank Canvas template. Let your imagination run wild, and add whatever text, images, and form fields you want to impress and convert your website visitors.

Blank Canvas

“Traditional” Templates

These 11 templates aren't quite as versatile as the “fluid” templates listed above… in the sense that their design is fairly static. You can tweak colors, fonts, and sizes – but the overall layout will remain the same. PopupAlly Pro's traditional templates are perfect for plugin-and-play purposes on your website.

Tried And True

It's simple and it works. The Tried and True template includes a spot where you can feature your own business icon.

PAP Tried and True

Express Yourself

The Express Yourself template is sleek and fits nicely wherever you need it to.
PAP Express Yourself

Full Width

This template is similar to “Express Yourself,” but includes a bit of code that allows it to stretch to the full width of your website.
PAP Full Width

Simple Choice

This is a sweet popup design that allows for quick and easy segmentation. Each choice can be linked to a unique page or another optin.

PAP Simple Choice

Edge To Edge

This is super similar to the “Tried and True” traditional template, but the icon is centered on your opt-in form, rather than left-aligned.

Edge to Edge


Just another quick way to offer a simple, straightforward opt-in, while still displaying your business logo or another icon.

PAP Limitless

Look Here!

Using a photo for a background can be a really powerful way to draw attention to your opt-in.

PAP Look Here

Get eBook

If you're offering an eBook as an opt-in gift, this template is super easy to use. Simply add your eBook thumbnail, tweak the text, and you're ready to go.


Great Video

This template allows you to easily create a video opt-in.

PAP Great Video

Just Image

This is a cool one, because the popup consists of an image layered on top of an optional background color. When clicked, you can send your website visitors to a page of your choice.

PAP Just Image

Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers template is a 3-choice version of the “Simple Choice” template. Send website visitors to a unique page or opt-in, based on their decision.

PAP Three Musketeers


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