How to Add a Pop Up On WordPress In Less Than 10 Minutes

How To Add A Pop Up On WordPress

There are almost too many plugins to choose from when you're trying to learn how to add a popup on WordPress. Some are pretty sweet choices, while others just exude "spammy."

But if you're looking for a quick, quality WordPress plugin with clean coding and a super user-friendly interface, this video tutorial for PopupAlly Pro is right up your alley. In this quick video tutorial, you’ll see the exact steps for how to add a pop up on WordPress in just 10 minutes...

WordPress Tutorial For Adding a Pop-Up Form

As you can see, this lightbox pop-up plugin for WordPress is super customizable and allows you to implement any designs your mind can dream up.

And that's important: if your popups don't match your website at all, it can look really spammy and turn people off right away.

It's so easy to add a popup to WordPress - do it in under 10 minutes!

Many Types of Popups

The PopupAlly Pro WordPress plugin enables you to create a variety of elegant opt-ins to enhance your website experience and grow your email list.

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the fact that integrating a variety of popups can really make a positive impact on your website visitors.

Someone who's just been perusing through your blog might be more easily interested by an exit-intent popup, whereas someone who's scrolled more than halfway down a sales page might interact better with a scroll-based popup.

It depends on what your visitors are looking for and how your popup strategy meets their needs.

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Keeping the diverse needs of your client in mind, the PopupAlly Pro plugin enables you to easily create many different types of opt-ins, including:

  • Exit Intent Popup - This is the most polite version of a popup, since it appears only when the user decides that they want to leave your website.
  • Scroll Popup - This popup will appear when people read through a certain percentage of your page (designated by how far they scroll down).
  • Click-Based Popup - When someone clicks a link on your page, this popup will open, revealing the opt-in opportunity that you have.
  • Embedded Popup - This one is actually not a popup at all! An embedded popup is simply a styled opt-in that can be placed anywhere on your website - at the top, at the bottom, or in the sidebar, for example.

Each type of opt-in or popup can be used for a specific purpose that aligns with your sales and marketing needs.

How to Add A Pop Up On WordPress ... The Easy Way

We designed the PopupAlly Pro plugin as a response to the need for an elegant, polite opt-in, that only takes a few minutes to set up.

Take time to watch the tutorial video, create your own popups, and watch your email list start to grow!

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